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Buildtools is a central database that stores, manages and catalogues project documentation from one single location, ensuring that you and your team members are working off the latest documents.

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Documentation and correspondences are available anytime, anywhere through smartphones, web browsers and iPads.
You can access all project documents even straight from the worksite.

Jack Smith


In just a few clicks, you can distribute multiple documents to multiple people.
Buildtools keeps a record of who you sent what to, when.

Jane Awesome


Buildtools management modules allow you to set and monitor tasks to be completed by your and your team, increasing efficiency and saving time.

Features & Benefits

Revision Control

  • Reliable, secure storage
  • The data is always kept on your server
  • Previous revisions are automatically superseded
  • Download status clearly displayed
  • Documents from past projects are archived, never deleted

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  • Collaboration is facilitated through active communication
  • One single location for all correspondences
  • Project Contact List: all team members can communicate and collaborate
  • Available anytime, anywhere through smartphones, iPads and web browsers

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  • Buildtools integrates immediately with your business
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in links your emails with Buildtools
  • All aspects of construction are seamlessly incorporated into your use of BT
  • Buildtools online provides one location for ALL parties involved in a project to communicate and collaborate

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  • Powerful search feature to sort through your documents, contacts and correspondences
  • Quick and easy generation of simple to complex reports
  • Categorisation of information enables for simple classification

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  • Reduces mundane tasks
  • Automates daily functions
  • Document standardisation across the board
  • Search through documents, correspondences and contacts quickly

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  • Personalised stationary options
  • Consistent outgoing documents
  • Flexible templates for company modification
  • Categorisation of documents, correspondences and contacts

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